BSSA Certified Leadership Program

doj-grant-award-graphic 2The Badger State Sheriffs’ Association is pleased to offer the following on-line Certified Credible Leadership Programs in collaborations with the Institute for Credible Leadership Development (ICLD). This proven model of career-long reliable educational series enhance the professionalism of law enforcement officers while it develops the character and sharpens the skills of the guardian-servant who leads with compassion, ethical decision-making, emotional intelligence and moral courage. It is:

  • Proven – The curriculum has been scientifically developed and tested for five years.
  • Accessible – Anywhere there is an Internet connection an officer can learn.
  • Continuous – Professional Education and development continues throughout an officer’s career from ‘hire to retire.’
  • Affordable – It is delivered reliably, confidently and at a fraction of traditional training.
  • Effective – Agencies with Credible Leadership academies build mutual trust in the communities they serve.
  • Compatible – The project fills the void of leadership education that now exists between basic and senior staff leadership training.
  • Sustainable – A Credible Leadership Academy is organic and sustainable..

Leadership Program for All Employees

Leadership Program for Entry-Level Supervisors

  • 40 hrs. of Ethical Leadership Courses for the Entry-Level Supervisors — This is an entry level of an educational journey designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to register_nowleadership, ethics, character, supervision, communication and self-development.  This curriculum introduces participants to the expectations and responsibilities of first-line and mid-level supervisors and the concept of “Leading Down and Managing Up”, through a detailed summary of the best-selling book, “It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy”, CL1starby Captain D. Michael Abrashoff.

Leadership Program for Mid to Upper Level Supervisors

  • register_nowPhase I:  120 hrs. of Ethical Leadership Courses – Foundation and Principles (this replaces the previously posted 80 hrs. Leadership Course)– Phase I follows the principle that all law enforcement professionals must lead within their scope of responsibility and must be given the tools to understand what leadership looks like, feels like and sounds like.  It is designed to fill the void of leadership training which traditionally exists between entry level and mid-level supervision.  Phase I stresses the importance of understanding the true definition of policing and how participant’s actions and their organizational mission must align with that definition.  This curriculum introduces participants to the expectations and responsibilities of first-line and mid-level supervisors and the concept of “Leading Down and Managing Up”, through a detailed summary of the best-selling book, “It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy”, by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff followed by segments segments from leadership giants John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, Howard Schultz, Jeff Canter, Sheriff Ray Nash, General Stanley Mc Chrystal and many more.  The curriculum includes summaries of the best-selling books Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire, by Simon Sinek, Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t, by Jim Collins, and It’s Our Ship: The No Nonsense Guide to Leadership, by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff. Practices from experts in the field of leadership are infused within the Phase  curriculum to enhance their relevance to law enforcement practices and organizational procedures.  This combination gives rise to modules on Generations, Human Capital Management, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Proactive Communication, Cultural Sensitivity, Action-Centered Leadership, Legacy Leadership and Reflective Leadership. 

  • register_nowNEW  Phase II: 60 hrs. of Ethical Leadership – Application & Achievement — Phase II focuses on understanding the human factors of police leadership and how if used effectively, it can change the internal culture and external perception of an organization.   Phase II is steeped in emotional intelligence and self-realism.  Each of these modules are designed to make students take an introspective look at how they apply leadership practices both internally and externally.  As with Phases I, Phase II contains segments from experts in the field of organizational leadership that reinforces the curriculum.  This Phase will tie the previous Phase together and prepare students for the practical applications involved in Phase II.
  • register_nowNew Phase III: 60 hrs. of Ethical Leadership – Competency & Mastery — Phase III  is your opportunity to understand and perform the complex knowledge, skills and tasks that exemplary leaders perform.  The content of Phase IV was researched and field tested for over a period of more than 30 years in university and justice and public safety environments including police, corrections, customs, immigration, homeland security and private security.  It is based on the breakthrough book titled, Every Officer is A Leader:  Coaching Leadership and Learning in Justice, Public Safety and Security Organizations (Revised 2nd Edition).  The course was filmed at LAPD and piloted in collaboration with Deputy Chief Mark Perez and his Team of Leaders at the Los Angeles Police Department.  This highly competent team was carefully selected to be able demonstrate the skills involved of Credible Leadership throughout the course.  The breakthrough of this course is that officers are now able take self-responsibility for mastering the 60 Skills that enable them to perform the 40 Tasks and Responsibilities that research has revealed are critical for leadership success in justice and public safety.  Never before has professional leadership been so well-defined and distilled so that it is easily and quickly learned.  The course is a research-based, online, performance enhancement learning process that equips leaders to express more empathic caring, be more ethically conscious, and more capable of developing themselves, other leaders, teams and organizations.

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