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“The opportunity to participate in this nationally recognized course has truly provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the principals of leadership. Having now completed the course, I have over 120 pages of notes and a full tool box of Leadership theories, components, and reality based principals in which to draw from as I move forward in my journey in Law Enforcement. I can easily state: Having been in Law Enforcement since 1992, this course was the best training I have ever been a part of and will be its biggest cheerleader to all I encounter. The inspirational and motivational techniques and practices were tremendous. Please continue to provide this course to current and future generations of LE Supervisors and Managers. Thanks again.”

Sergeant Robert J. Croeker, Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department
Administrative Services Division, Sergeant of Training
Office (262) 605-5490


“I would like to take this opportunity to say I truly enjoyed the 80 hr. leadership course and the books provided for the modules.  The course had allowed me to complete the modules on my own time and I did not have to travel to class.  I know from my past experiences of sitting in lectures that I would tend to answer phone calls or emails and maybe not give some topics my full attention.  The modules made me take notes so I could complete the exams and also read the books.  I can tell you I did enjoy the books and how they were all related to the course and I did research other leadership books to continue on my educational path as suggested in the modules.  The course did start out as a refresher to first line supervision and transitioned  into the administrative portion very smoothly.  I have utilized the material from the modules and books to change some of the ways I have supervised in the past to better my role as a supervisor today. The modules in general where good and I enjoyed module 16 “Generations” in which at this point in my career I am dealing with the Millenials and is a true challenge for me.  The information provided did provide me a clear understanding of that generation and all the generations I am currently supervising.  The Ethics module did get a little long at times but I did take some useful information out of it.  I can say I can not find anything negative about the course to complain about.  Hopefully more modules will be available to build on what I have taken so far to advance my career knowledge.  Thank You!”

Lt. Lori Seiler, Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office, WI

“Thank you Sheriff Richard, Lt. Brandner both for the opportunity to complete the Badger State Sheriffs Association’s Leadership Training offered through IAPS and National Sheriffs’ Association. The course was well structured using not only video lecture from law enforcement personnel, but also interviews and videos from leaders in other professions.  The required readings fit like a well-crafted puzzle piece into the overall curriculum. Some of the concepts that were discussed included: conflict management,  human capital management, succession planning, proactive communication, active listening  and ethics.  These topics apply to law enforcement as well as anyone in a leadership position.  The course content has caused me to reflect not only on my own leadership style as a sergeant but also as a husband and father. I believe the course content would be an asset in the process of rising up a new generation of leaders from within our department so that we would have a pool of inspired and highly skilled deputies who are capable of leading.  Overall, I believe the course was beneficial to me personally and professionally.  I am striving to make every effort to ensure the deputies who serve under me as well as yourselves will be significant beneficiaries of the course content.  Thank you!”

Sgt Richard Hoege, Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, WI

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